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When you reach the point of not being able to read up close without stretching your arms to the limit, you may need to consider buying reading glasses.

Kangcheng is such a professional manufacturer and exporter of reading glasses which specialize in reading glasses business for more than 30 years.

We have around 150 workers. The output is 60,000 pieces per day and 1,500,000 pieces per month. The delivery time is normally 45 days. We will be very happy to push the delivery time if there is any promotion order which needs earlier delivery.

We have our own designers who catch the latest tread and mock it on our reading glasses. Of course, sometimes, the customers also share with us the fashion details, and then we design and send for customers for approval. Every month, we have around 50-60 new designs and drawings. Once they are selected or approved by the customers, we will make the prototype samples.

Besides, we are very proud to tell you that we have our own laboratory. The testing machines include Prism tester, TM-3 lens transmittance Instrument, INNOV-X Portable glasses analyzer, Drop ball test apparatus, Salt Spray tester, Spring hinge tester, Flame-Resistance tester, Automatic eyes transmittance tester, Integrated optical lens measuring instrument, and etc. We make sure that all of our glasses exported can meet the market requirement.

Of course, the most important is our elegant products. There are different collections:

Wooden Readers: It is our exclusive and patent reader (Patent no. ZL 2014 1 0664962. 7). The real wood sheet is used and put on the readers. We keep the wooden natural feature.

Jeans reader: It is our exclusive and patent reader (Patent no. ZL 2014 1 0664962. 7). We can put the Jeans and the fabric which are used to make clothes onto our readers.

Amber: It is our exclusive and patent reader (Patent no. 20150040857.0) . The patterns and designs are various. We can make any design or pattern as long as you send us the artwork.

Blueblocker: It is applied for your wearing during watching TV, computer, IPAD, MOBLIE, etc. It can help to reduce the stimulation by light, save from the light-pollution.

Photochromic: It can solve the problem for the persons who wear the reading glasses want to wear sunglasses as well when they are under the sunshine.

Bifocal: It is the perfect combination of sunglasses and readers together. The reader is in the corner of the lenses.

Sun Reader: It comes with UV protection and has been designed for reading in the sun. 

Foldable Reader: A foldable reader is necessary for everyone. It is easy carrying and saving space.

Classic: It is the mostly widely used as it is always classical and will enduring.

Trendy: No matter it is the trendy color, design, pattern or shapes, you can source here.

All the above can be metal or plastic readers.

After you select the nice readers, please don’t forget to consider delicate packages for them as well. There are pouches, hard cases aluminum cases blister, color boxes and displays, etc.

Kangcheng always keeps Great production capacity, Prompt shipment, Color Trend Inspiration, Stable quality, Competitive Price and Comprehensive service as the tenet. It helps us to build long-term business partnership and friendship with the customers in Europe, USA and other main markets.

Looking forward to cooperation with you as well!

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